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Richard Fraser ex grade 1 driver for Norfolk Constabulary

Advanced Driving

So what is the Advanced Driving Course?

An Advanced Driving Course is designed to raise your awareness of how to recognise and deal with risks and hazards at a heightened level. It will enable you to analyse a situation and implement a strategy to deal with it. Advanced driving is developed, planned and judged around "Roadcraft", the Police 'Bible' used in all Police driver training. Unlike most other driver trainers Richard is a former Grade One Advanced Police Driver with over 25 years of advanced driving experience.

What are the benefits of taking the Advanced Driving Course?

  • You will become a better driver, with less chance of being involved in any form of car crash.
  • Your skills will be improved enabling you to drive in such a way as to more fully understand your vehicle, the roads, and other road-users.
  • Improved driving means cheaper driving. You become aware of the fuel economy measures you can take to make your fuel last longer.
  • Building on your existing driving skills, you will enjoy driving more, making it a safer journey for you and everyone around you.
  • Many insurance companies will recognise your achievment and will reward you by offering cheaper premiums. Where a RoSPA or IAM test is completed)

Is there a lower age limit for the Advanced Driving Course?

No, but it is recommended that you have held a full drivers licence for a minimum of 12 months. However any age group will benefit from the Advanced Driving Course.

How much will the Advanced Driving Course cost?

The number of hours you need will depend on your level of ability. An average driver would require 8 hours. At the end of the initial assessment Richard will advise you on the number of hours you are likely to require. Your investment for a 8 hour course would be £280 (£35.00 per hour).



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